Braumeister sizes

What size to choose

The Speidel Braumeister comes in 10, 20 and 50L (it actually also exists in 200, 500 and 1000L, but that’s a different story, not covered on this website)

Doubtlessly, the most versatile model is the 20 liters version

20 liter Speidel Braumeister

It allows to brew the volumes of all 3 models very easily:

  • 10L by using the short malt pipe
  • 20L, obviously
  • 50L if you brew to the max capacity (25L) twice in a day

That’s definitely the best option, it allows to make small-scale tests of 10L and then produce relatively large batches (50L/150 bottles) when you are happy with a recipe

One thought on “What size to choose”

  1. 50L is the best because it allows with the std malt pipe 50L batches with sparking properly easily up to 1.065 O.G. @~60L finished wort (1/2 US Barrel)

    The 50L actually has a short malt pipe option, which allows it to scale and be used just like a 20L BM; you will NEVER boil over a 50L with a 20L Short pipe.

    The 50L has more power to heat so again short malt pipe, fast rise times; it has two pumps vs. 1 on the 20L and smaller.

    The 50L is larger so minor in accuracies in your ingredient list are a little influential in the finished beer vs. the same measurement error on a smaller batch.

    Disadvantage of 50L is lifting the malt pipe with 13kg (26lbs) of saturated malt; A. Hard to pull manually and the vacuum break is really strong so tilt the pipe when lifting; B. Use a winch pulley system, some levered pull system to avoid spilling 170F hot wort on yourself and everywhere.

    It takes a little longer to clean and fill a 50L volume.

    Definitely use the Speidel insulation jacket to heat, mash and boil. Take off for cooling, and if you buy a BM+ with the cooling jacket, supplement that with an immersion or plate chiller

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