Braumeister cleaning kit

How to clean the Braumeister

The cleaning kit for the Speidel Braumeister is ridiculously pricey ($50)

You can easily replace it with much cheaper options and you likely won’t need any cleaning product

First off, make sure the water temperature is 140°F (60°C) instead of 100°F (38°C) when you pour the grain (that’s called “dough-in” and it’s the first temp in a Braumeister recipe), this makes a colossal difference by preventing sugars from sticking to the coil and making cleaning much easier

Even if you already brewed a couple of times and your coil is covered in dark deposit, a couple of brews starting at 140°F (60°C) will allow you to clean your Braumeister back to nearly new

Then, when you are done brewing, just brush the inside of the kettle with a pot brush

Pot brush

and behind and between the heating coil with a non-scratch scouring pad

Scouring pad

Make sure to thoroughly rinse everything a couple of times and let clean water run through the spigot

Then, plug back your Braumeister and with 2 in (5 cm) of water in the Braumeister run the pump for a few seconds to get hops out

Finally, flip your Braumeister over and unscrew the pump to let everything dry for a couple of days

If you have a hard time making your Braumeister perfectly clean, traffic film remover works wonders

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